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How I Can Help
You to Live a Happier And More Fulfilling Life…

Pathways to Potential® embraces the rich and varied background of Richard W. Pecoroni, MA,LPC,LMHC.

The main focus of my work with you is to help you find pathways to your own potential and achieve your personal and professional goals and dreams.

  • I take a holistic approach, working with you on all levels – physical, emotional,behavioral, mental, and spiritual to bring all of these aspects of yourself into harmony and balance.
  • I use a combination of Western Science and Eastern Spirituality as the foundation of my work.
  • I believe that each of you has the inner wisdom to gain perspective and generate answers to your concerns. I will support you in discovering your own inner wisdom.
  • I view myself as a partner with you – as your guide, your committed listener, your mirror.
  • The initial session begins with a confidential discussion of any issues you wish to share that have an influence on your emotional and physical well-being.
  • Together with you, I customize the sessions to meet your own unique needs.

    I welcome the opportunity to help you explore your own "Pathways To Potential®" and achieve your dreams.